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Free download ブランコ跳び APK for Android

date:2024-04-29 04:20



  • Swing leap
  • Swing leap
  • Swing leap
  • Swing leap
  • Swing leap
Description of ブランコ跳び

Jump in the swing! !

■ How to play
Jump at the timing with a screen tap and land on the landing point.
Calculate the rummywebplay.inwind direction, wind speed and measure the timing.

■ Points will change at the place where the rule lands.
It is a game over due to landing failure.
I will compete for how much points I can earn.

It's so easy that anyone can feel free to play.

Let's challenge world rankings with the best score!

※ Music cooperation
【12 sound (Twitter: @ t_okmt _ 12 sound)】
【Rich-media Music (Twitter: @ RichMediaMusic)】

Version history ブランコ跳び New in 1.0.3 Fix ver1.0.2 ranking post ver1.0.3 Correcting minor defects Please rate this app